IPZZ-123 (English subbed) Semen Marking of School Swimsuit Mania – Iori Himeka

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Date: : April 3, 2024
Actress: : Iori Himeka

IPZZ-123 Semen Marking of School Swimsuit Mania – Iori Himeka

“You were born to wear school swimsuits…” Transfer student Himeka is noticed by her hysterical homeroom teacher who loves school swimsuits and can’t stand them. She is drugged to sleep by the pool and even raped and filmed in her swimsuit. Every day, she is blackmailed using her photo and raped in a swimsuit. A perverted teacher who gets excited seeing her dislike. “You look delicious in your swimsuit.” A twisted special lesson with just the two of us with no end in sight…

[IPZZ-123] スク水マニアのザーメンマーキング 庵ひめか

Himeka is a transfer student with quite a voluptuous body for her age.

She quickly grabs the attention of teacher Ueda, who lost his marbles upon seeing her on a swimsuit,

IPZZ-123 Iori Himeka

Release Date: 2023-10-10

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