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Date: : January 26, 2021
Actress: : Rei Kuruki

GRBD-973 This Is A Video Record Of The Several Days During Which A Middle-Aged Dirty Old Man Relentlessly Fucked A Beautiful Girl Whom He Guarded Over Since She Was A C***d. Rei Kuruki

ID Code: RBD-973

Release Date: 2020-05-07

Series: Record Of A Dirty Old Man

Actress: Kuruki Rei

Studio Label: RBD

The beautiful Rei Kuruki a schoolgirl was talking on the phone one day when she ran into her old guardian who took care of her since childhood she accompanied him back to his place to chat up about old times but something changes that night as she is resting in his home he turns into a monster and starts groping her she awakes to a surprise that same guardian who was gentle to her all those years in the past gets urges and thus the dirty shaming will come down hard on her she couldn’t have imagined a sleepover at her old guardians home would turn into a gross nightmare filled with nasty fuck and fucks all night she did fight to escape but couldn’t break free of the scums clutches in the morning she awakes to see her feet bounded with the scum looming over her she’s obliged to wear a schoolgirl uniform in that moment she asks for privacy to change now in the schoolgirl uniform she plots an escape through open sliding door quietly sneaking out the backyard she begins to run hoping she got away but the run would be short when the asshole steps in front of her as she was about to make the extra step to freedom poor Rei Kuruki is then grabbed and dragged back inside and is handcuffed with more fuck and fucks to come poor Rei Kuruki dreads the failure of her escape and lays there with disgust as the dirty deed repeats then that ugly bald headed cruff pig forces an aphrodisiac into her mouth making her temporarily lose motor functions then poor Rei Kuruki will get fucksd and humiliated in other various ways with her arms bound in handcuffs will the fucks end no only with outside influence from a hero will this stop in the meantime the gross humiliation and shame continues on the next a passer by comes asking questions to the evil cruff pig about the disappearance of Rei Kuruki since that person knows that dude was a former guardian of Rei Kuruki the evil cruff pig tells the passerby he has no answer to her whereabouts and Rei Kuruki induced with aphrodisiac can’t scream to get the attention of the passerby leaving poor Rei Kuruki situation more hopeless with her motor functions in stand still her cries ring out subconsciously to the hero laying down in meditation he immediately rises up saying.

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