JUY-613 Madonna Epic 15th Year Anniversary #2!! [Viewer Warning] The Most Insane Cheating Story Of Your Life!

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Date: : June 12, 2021
Actress: : Mizusaki Karen

ID Code: JUY-613

Release Date: 2018-09-25

Series: Caution Before Viewing] The Worst NTR Story Of Your Life


Studio Label: JUY

This one man is happily married to her wife and he wants to finally make the move to have teen. Oddly enough she keeps on refusing, by saying she wants to enjoy the married life together with him for a few years more, which is sweet enough, but he wants to have teen anyway.

He feels that the wife is hiding something, so he asks a good friend to have a private talk with her and her the reasons, his plan is to hide under the bed to discover her true feelings… genius!

Mizusaki Karen acting sucked balls, and I really mean it. Perhaps her natural submissive character was good the role and in any case, she has an absolute exciting body so she redeemed herself in the great sex scenes.

And most of all, the 2 males actors carried her for the whole movie. Those 2 dudes were damn awesome and the movie itself was seriously good. With some nice plot twist and awesome camera angles. All around, really good and worthy of being an anniversary special.

Soul crushing NTR is back, big time.

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