SSNI-890 Real Uniform Stalker – Waiting For A Downpour To Strike Aika Yumeno

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Date: : May 15, 2021
Actress: : Aika Yumeno

SSNI-890 With Title Real Uniform Stalker Aika Yumeno

ID: SSNI-890

STYLE Label S1 NO.1

Director Dragon Nishikawa

Supper Star Aika Yumeno

Release Day 2020-10-17

Studio Label: SSNI

Aika Yumeno is a schoolgirl who gets stuck in school because of a typhoon. She attempted to return home despite the heavy rain but all she accomplished was to get her uniform soaked wet.

She is alone with the school janitor, a middle-aged guy with a strong schoolgirl fetish, who dully noticed Aika.

ssni 890 01
ssni 890 01
ssni 890 2
ssni 890 2

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