[SSPD-164] My Friend Became My Big Sister-In-Law, And When I Saw Her Prancing Around The House I Could No Longer Bear It, And Decided To Cross That Line. Kana Yume

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Date: : September 24, 2021
Actress: : Kana Yume

Series: I Could Not Resist Her Defenseless Body: Crossing The Line With The Girl Next Door From My C***dhood–My Sister-In-Law.

Synopsis: Shuji returns from Tokyo to see his brother after so many years of absence. He never did get along with his Brother, to begin with. But he was obliged by the turn of events in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, Shuji had an ongoing business but he was tricked by his business partner who ran away with the money. He then had no choice but to return to his brother to ask for money. Something that pisses him off, because he knows this brother despises him. He accumulates more anger from the fact that this Brother got married to the girl he had a crush on = Kana Yume.

The brother effectively took the life he was supposed to have.

The brothers have an argument and they are both furious. On this junction, Yume Kana is all sweet and kind… something that pisses Shuji even more. When his brother is gone to work Shuji finally bursts in an explosion of violence and fuck.

The video is pretty good. The main character’s contrast was spot on. The story transition by the middle was kinda rough but that’s okay I guess. The video will probably be remembered more by all those crazy squirt shots that Kana Yume does (Ie: 00:56:18). She was amazing in her role.

And yes, Yume Kana has just been transferred to Attackers from MOODYZ. Could she become the new attackers queen? Maybe? There’s certainly a void since Saeko left.

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