Suzu Ichinose, sister addicted to mobile phone 1Pondo-052615_086 – 一之瀬すず

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Date: : July 20, 2021
Actress: : Suzu Ichinose

ID Code:1Pondo-052615_086

Actress: Suzu Ichinose

Studio Label: Pondo

Movie av starring Suzu Ichinose, a small girl who loves L line. which is remembered from the legendary popsicle licking scene When his brother’s friend came to visit the house because he heard that his sister was beautiful But the younger sister is so addicted to her phone that she gets lustful and doesn’t even know it.

Suzu Ichinose, a petite Lolita beauty with a small pie and slippery pie, makes her debut on 1pondo! As soon as I get home, my brother’s friend who fell in love with Suzu-chan, who is crazy about smartphones, sets up a mischief! First of all, when I put out the cock at the place where the souvenir soft serve ice cream is licking … Paku! Blow success before you know it! Then, Suzu-chan’s cute ass lying on the sofa is munimuni. When I play with toys, my delicate body is fluttering and I am overjoyed and my friend’s meat stick is jupojupo. I squeezed semen with my mouth while screaming. That night, when I was worried about Suzu-chan, who wasn’t studying for the test, I was messing around with my smartphone.

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