SSNI-378 S1 15th Anniversary Special. Huge Collaboration Part 3. An Extravagant Lineup Of S1 Actresses.

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Date: : July 18, 2021

ID Code: SSNI-378

Series: S1 *th Anniversary All-Star Special

Actress: Amatsuka Moe, Aoi Tsukasa, Ayami Shunka, Hashimoto Arina, Mikami Yua, Usa Miharu, Yoshitaka Nene

Studio Label: SSNI

SSNI-378 is the grand finale to commemorate S1 studio 15 years of existence. It’s a 4-hour festival fan appreciation type of video with plenty of sex games and situations. Overall it’s a good video, it had the intention to be a special movie and I think they succeeded in that.

Packed so many funny moments the video is not the holy grail but it was good and with so much going on, I don’t even know where to begin:

  • Yua Mikami was hilarious and the premature ejaculator at minute 13:33 made me LOL so hard. And then happened again at minute 21… ah man. Yua can make a man ejaculate fast that’s for sure.
  • Arina Hashimoto is a whole other level by herself. It’s not good for the other girls that she stands beside them, because the comparisons can hurt. Arina = god.
  • Tsukasa Aoi is the bomb and too much woman. I end up disliking that haircut and I hope she changes it.
    Usa Miharu was the surprise for me. On the good side, she did so well in this video, funny and charming.
  • Yoshitaka Nene inopportune giggles bother me. But man, she’s hot.
  • Amatsuka Moe doesn’t benefit from this type of video. I like her so much, but she didn’t stand out.
  • Shunka Ayami was Okay, but it was weird to see her in this video as she has barely been at S1 at all. But OK.
    The 7 girls only appear together in the initial skit, and by the end for a huge sex orgy. In the middle, there’s a variety of sex-games with many multiple combinations of girls.

The line-up is what it is. We might think there are some notable absences, and initially, I felt weird that Okuda and Minami were missing, since they are available. So I just assume they just used whatever talent was available at the moment and that’s fine.

Another true thing is that S1 did starve their fans with a lack of crossovers and harems, so this video is much welcome too. And as much I would desire an ever more big harem this amount of humanity pleases me. Probably the Bako Bako bus madness amount of girls will never return to JAV, so this is as good as a big harem we can hope for. 5/5

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