JUFE-228 Black Guy Hard Press Fuck NTR My Prized Girlfriend Is Taken By A Low-Life Foreign Exchange S*****t… Nene Tanaka

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Date: : July 10, 2021
Actress: : Nene Tanaka

ID Code: JUFE-228

Series: Black NTR Impregnation Full Court Presses

Actress: Tanaka Nene

Studio Label: JUFE

Tanaka Nene is turning 21 years old, and she arranges a birthday party with her parents, boyfriend, and a black student named Oliver, with whom they are all friends with.

The party goes well and everyone is passed out drunk, but then, Oliver begins to finger Tanaka Nene, just in front of the boyfriend who is passed out.

Shortly after, Oliver gives Nene a big present. Yep, cock.

This is not our usual guy and I miss him already, but this guy is not bad either and I’m relatively pleased with the results. The ending was weird but the video itself is nice. The best of it being Tanaka Nene herself.

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