JUL-549 Left Alone With Her Lecherous Father-In-Law On A Two-Night, Three-Day Trip This Weak-Willed Wife Succumbs… Karen Sasahara

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Date: : July 6, 2021
Actress: : Karen Sasahara

ID Code: JUL-549

Series: I Left My Lady-Loving Father-In-Law With My Pushover Wife And Went On A 3-Day 2-Night Business Trip…

Actress: Sasahara Karen

Studio Label: JUL

This guy goes away on a business trip for 3 days and leaves his pretty wife, Sasahara Karen, alone with her lecherous Dad.

He didn’t worry at first, but while on the trip he begins to fear for the worst, he tries to cope mentally, because they are all family after all. But well, in the end, it wasn’t that bad, it was even worse.

Karen was smoking tho. Seriously hot.

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