SNIS-519 Female Undercover Investigator

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Date: : April 28, 2022
Actress: : Tsukasa Aoi

SNIS-519 Female Undercover Investigator. The Closer Who Was Turned Into A Drug Slave – Tsukasa Aoi

Tsukasa Aoi is a female investigator that gets assigned the task to find out the drug organization’s hideout and investigate the issue.

This movie truly begins at minute 00:15:40, when Tsukasa Aoi receives her machine gun (that she will put to good use), and she single-handedly assaults the drug factory… kick ass.

The movie previously includes a couple of comedy skits that don’t make much sense. But that is okay my friends, that is a constant in this film: a really brilliant movie mixed with really poor director cuts and decisions (at times).

Following comes the action scene. That was… really hard to describe. Really badly made action with D- tier filmmaking at best. Soooo bad that it ends being awesome and doesn’t fail to provide good laughs. An uncomfortably long and not so decisive gun battle, where reloading is not really needed at all?. Why even bother? Lol!

It gets followed by a funny Kung-fu scene where she finally gets captured.

sex scenes:

3P with the Yakuza guys who want first dips and bang her before delivering to the boss.
The doctor beings to test drugs on her.
Brutally good blowjob scene and 3 supporting clips.
High-cut swimsuit scene with Aoi suffering from drug withdrawal and anxiety. This scene was the b-e-s-t.
Last scene gangbang with everybody.

SNIS-519 Tsukasa Aoi
SNIS-519 Tsukasa Aoi

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