SSPD-149 The First Lie I Told My Husband – Saeko Matsushita

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Date: : March 27, 2022
Actress: : Saeko Matsushita

SSPD-149 The First Lie I Told My Husband – Saeko Matsushita.

Saeko Matsushita is a lady married with a husband much older than him. She is fully aware of the big age gap but believes on her own happiness. She also has an agreement with the husband for total loyalty and sincerity.

Little did she suspected that she would be the one to break her own rules and not follow her own preaching. But that was meant to be because the first lie was to herself, not acknowledging that she is not as much happy as she thought.

In SSPD-149 the drama part is very lightweight compared to most Attackers videos and instead, they rely heavily on the sex scenes. Saeko really shines bright in the sex scenes, looking as wonderful and as beautiful always. She has sex in all the scenes with Odagiri, except the first bit with the husband.

On the plot, Saeko Matsushita is basically a married lady who meets again with a childhood friend. And this dude gets obsessed with her and decides to bang her at every chance he gets. Then Saeko begin to like it and doesn’t tell the husband.

SSPD-149 Saeko Matsushita

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