JUQ-005 Married Woman Became Addicted to lecherous Older Men

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Date: : July 10, 2022

JUQ-005 “I’ve Been Changed…” – How a Sober Married Woman Became Addicted to lecherous Older Men – Nao Jinguji

Jinguuji Nao gets introduced to a model job, where her saucy body ends up attracting strange characters.

Nao, who is not interested in fashion and always wears plain clothes, is invited by a hairdresser Ashida to a cut model on the way home from shopping. Furthermore, when he introduced me to a certain job … Nao, who was ignorant of sex even after marriage, followed the hotel with interest, but he could not refuse his brute force approach and had a physical relationship. With that as a trigger, her ordinary daily life gradually changed. One day, Nao, who was called by Ashida, was suddenly introduced to a new customer …


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