MIMK-072 The Class President Believes The Dare App

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Date: : June 24, 2022
Actress: : Fukasawa Inori

MIMK-072 The Class President Believes The Dare App. Inori Fukazawa

The app became popular. It’s actually an ineffective app, but Kodera is ordered to confess to the chairman (Satsuki Kuroda) to kill the time of the positives. Kodera, who liked Kuroda, a beautiful honor student, is on the verge of confessing … However, the event ● is canceled and he gets nothing. After school, Kuroda held a call at the physical education warehouse. ● Show off the app and give an H command to “touch your pants”! Actually, the two who had both feelings will have sex to death from now on …! Collaboration with popular douujin works! Click here for the original douujin work “The chairman believes in the app.”

Inori Fukazawa MIMK-072
Inori Fukazawa MIMK-072


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