MIDE-582 Female Teacher Gang Bang Fucked Shoko Takahashi

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Date: : March 17, 2024
Actress: : Shoko Takahashi

MIDE-582 Female Teacher Gang Bang Fucked Shoko Takahashi

[Full-scale Ryo ●! Takasho’s first challenge! ] Legendary series revival! The active NO.1 actress falls into hell! Every student wants to lead to a bright future. Shoko-sensei became a teacher with such a goal. However, her G-cup exquisite body becomes a target for bad students. Students escalate to her too sensitive body that gets fucked while being fucked one after another in the changing room, library, home, classroom. A beautiful busty female teacher who knew the climax of a sexually active kid.

[MIDE-582] 女教師レ×プ輪● 高橋しょう子

Takahashi Shouko is a female teacher who tries to control a bunch of out-of-control male bastard brat students.

One day she discovers one of the students smoking and this dude (Hashimoto-Kun) grows a grudge with Shoko. Then, this dude with the help of another student tracks down the residence address of teacher Takasho and pays her an unexpected visit.

Once there, Hashimoto-Kun jumps on her and duck-tapes the teacher, and invites her to eat sausage whether she likes it or not.

After this, Takasho is done for, because all the students know what’s up and they deem Takasho as a sex-pet. Who is not very pragmatical and deals with the situation with some “non-resistance” philosophy, wishing the problem goes away by itself. Except it doesn’t.

Gotta love this girl.

MIDE-582 Shoko Takahashi

Release Date: 2018-10-01

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